Stories of a job well done!

We’re in business for you.  We’re proud when you have a flawless trip and an enjoyable time working with us. Your stories remind us that travel connects people. Time and time again we hear stories of fabulous adventures, trips of a lifetime, tours that went off without a hitch, performances with a full audience, and even about mishaps. Thank you for taking the time to reflect on your experience.

“Cathy was awesome to work with! We had never used a travel consultant before, and she was very friendly, informative, and helpful when helping us figure out where we wanted to take our honeymoon! It seemed like Cathy had been everywhere! It was really helpful to me to hear her personal opinion on all these resorts she had been to. Cathy always responded to emails in a very timely manner. We loved working with Witte Travel! We had a fabulous experience and have Cathy to thank for suggesting Couples Jamaica!”

-Allison Buell

“We so appreciate all that Kristin has done for us. We will always use her as our consultant.”

-Jenni & Ed K.

“Thank you Cathy for the time you put into finding us a vacation we could afford and enjoy!”

-Mike & Amy D.

“We have been with Kristin for over a decade-Yeah! Had a great time at Jamaica Couples Swept Away. Thanks!”

-Grace & Tom S.

“Shelley was so awesome to work with! We had some changes come about in our plans & she rolled with it. She was able to deal with our crazy plans! Would definitely use her again for travel!”

-Jodi & Dave R.

“We have been using Shelley since 2008- I will never fish anywhere else!:)” -Melissa H.

Group Leaders Have to Say

Witte constructed a wonderful tour for my class. They made sure we were well taken care of and had a clear itinerary that included all the thing places we wanted to visit. The guides they provided were excellent, willing to answer questions, and very helpful bringing us around the cities. I will definitely use Witte for my next trip abroad.

-Dustin B. | Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic

“As a first time tour leader, I was not sure what I was getting myself into. Witte provided me with suggestions and guided me through the process so I was confident to lead the group through Germany. This company is organized, affordable, and well respected. In Germany, our tour manager really led our group, but included me into the decisions and leadership. I would highly recommend Witte for anyone planned a tour. I already am looking ahead to our next trip with them!”

– Rick R. | Germany

“From the moment I first contacted Witte, to when we got off the plane back in America, our experience was incredible. The staff were friendly and helpful as we set up the trip. The travel arrangements were smooth and the instructions were easy. The tour guides were knowledgeable and enjoyable. Overall, the experience was invaluable. And you can be sure that if I ever plan another tour, the first company I will contact will be Witte!”

-M. P. H | Germany

Witte Signature Tour Participants Have to Say

I am writing with sincerest thanks for helping us book a completely fabulous trip to Italy. There was not one glitch in the trip in terms of accommodations or travel, and we had an absolutely wonderful time. As teachers, we are in the habit of doing constant evaluations and ideas for improvement, and this trip was no exception; however, we could come up with nothing we would change! We just really loved everything about it.”

– Rebekah W.  | Italy

“It was wonderful to have a Witte rep present at Detroit to hand us our boarding passes! Superb and detailed organizing to make our trip go so much more smoothly and easily. Wow! You were more than great! Same for hotel getting our rooms and keys.”

– Sarra B. | Grand Rapids, MI | visited New York City

“This was an outstanding worry-free trip. Witte Tours saw to every detail. It was nice to get the true flavor of Cuba. I especially enjoyed staying in the casas. We saw so many interesting and exciting things. As each day unfolded I felt the value per dollar”

-Sheila K. | Cuba

“We appreciated the care which was taken in planning the trip’s logistics. For example, the planning of [day] tours meant that the waits in lines were minimal. We saw sites that we would not even have thought about seeing. There was an excellent balance between small towns and large cities.”

-James D. | the Netherlands

I had a wonderful experience and it was much more than I had thought it would be. The scenery, the history, the group rapport, the guide and mostly everything was very good. The big surprise—riding in the old Chevy convertible was classic.”

-Bo B. | Cuba

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