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Why the Netherlands Waterway Cruise?

This cruise has something for everyone, whether you are part of Generation X, Baby Boomers, or beyond.  You can join in as many walking tours and excursions as you want and truly “custom” design your experience.  If you want a leisurely cruise or an action-packed cruise, it’s your call.  For me:

  • I LOVED being able to unpack and make the cabin my “home” for the duration of the cruise vs. a typical tour where you stay in multiple hotels and don’t have a true “home” base.
  • Participating in as many evening walking tours that I wished to.
  • Being able to pick and choose the excursions I wanted to join in vs. having it automatically built into the cruise package.
  • The option to explore independently, but at the same time being a part of a mini community (there were 100+ passengers on the trip) where I was guaranteed to run into my fellow passengers while investigating new villages and cities.
  • Having all meals, except the first lunch upon arrival, included in the cruise, as well as tipping to our tour manager and cruise personnel.
  • I appreciated the smiling and helpful staff of the Salvinia who were always helpful.  I now know why Henk has used the Salvinia for so long.  Not only is the ship “simply perfect” for our passengers and the cruise, but the staff is top-notch.
  • Surprising highlights at every turn of the cruise.  I must admit that the Organ recital at the Martinikerk (Groningen and Friesland excursion), the Orchid Farm (Overijssel, Northeast Polder, and Friesland excursion), and the Frisian folklore group performance in Franeker didn’t sound interesting to me at all.  Guess what?  I was totally wrong on all three scores.  I am so glad the two sites were included on the excursions I joined and that my good friend Barb talked me into participating when the folklore group came on board or I would have missed out on three amazing experiences.
  • Cruising the waterways was a highlight in itself.  You never knew exactly what you’d see and the scenery was spectacular.

The cruise and Amsterdam pre-tour through images