Press Release – 2011 BBB of Western Michigan Integrity Award Finalist

Contact:  Lorna Elve Marketing Manager Witte Travel & Tours 616-957-8113 For Immediate Release November 21, 2011 2011 BBB of Western Michigan Integrity Award Finalist Grand Rapids, Mich. – Witte Travel & Tours was named a finalist in the BBB Integrity Awards for 2011.  “While you... Read More>>

Island Route Tours

Island Routes is a Caribbean Tour operator and a member of the Sandals Group of Companies.  It was founded by a group ofCaribbeanpeople whose mission is to showcase the culture, beauty and natural resources that define each unique island destination.  Currently, Island Routes operates over 140... Read More>>

The Grand Pineapple Beach Resort Antigua

The Grand Pineapple Beach Resort Antigua is located on a secluded 500-meter stretch of white-sand beach (Long Bay) approximately 30 minutes from VC International Airport and 30 minutes from the capital, St. John’s. The resort boasts vibrant Caribbean colors with a unique tropical flair. The guest... Read More>>

Sandals Grande Antigua

Sandals Grande Antigua is situated on the most beautiful and longest white-sand beach in Antigua, Dickenson Bay. It is 15 minutes away from the VC Bird International Airport and 10 minutes from Antigua’s capital, St. John’s. There are 373 rooms and suites in 25 categories in this beautiful... Read More>>

Netherlands Waterway Cruise…tips and hints

Things I learned on the Netherlands Waterway Cruise: Make sure you have extra battery packs and memory cards for your camera! Don’t wait until you get to the airport to say goodbye to all the new friends you’ve made. With everyone busy finding their luggage and looking for the right gate, we... Read More>>

Tot ziens means “So long for now”

Time to roll out of bed and enjoy one last breakfast. In a couple of hours we will be back in the skies and headed for home. I will come away with many fond memories of this wonderful week in the Netherlands: The crew, their quick response to our needs and wants, their patience with us, their sense... Read More>>

Why the Netherlands Waterway Cruise?

This cruise has something for everyone, whether you are part of Generation X, Baby Boomers, or beyond.  You can join in as many walking tours and excursions as you want and truly “custom” design your experience.  If you want a leisurely cruise or an action-packed cruise, it’s your call. ... Read More>>

Aalsmeer and Keukenhof…flowers everywhere!

Our last full day, and it’s a busy one! Up early in the morning to travel to Aalsmeer, where the world’s biggest flower auction takes place every day.  An overhead grid of platforms allows you walk around and see down onto the huge floors filled with cart after cart of any kind of flower or... Read More>>

Aalsmeer and Keukenhof

Today was yet another highlight, though I knew it would be with Aalsmeer and Keukenhof on the agenda.  I have wanted to see the flower auction and it did not disappoint.  Seeing the “action” as it unfolded was awe-inspiring, from the trolleys of flowers being shipped to the auction itself. ... Read More>>