Guest Post: Iceland First, Then Norway!

Lynn and I enjoy traveling to new places like Switzerland, Greece and the like. Knowing this, Lynn’s good friend Jerilyn asked us: “Then why haven’t you visited Iceland?” (Jerilyn’s husband was born and raised in Iceland and she has adopted it as her second home.) “Give us 3 good... Read More>>

Berlin – 5 miles of walking

Today we have a whole day in Berlin. It is our last day of the trip. We decided against breakfast at the hotel. The night before we had made a loose plan for the day. We needed to see the Musical Instrument Museum (to make use of our Museum Pass) and I wanted to see the DDR Museum and get some... Read More>>


We got up in Leipzig after sleeping in somewhat. I heard it rain all night, sometimes quite hard. When we got up about 8:00 and headed downstairs to breakfast it was done raining. The breakfast buffet at the Best Western Leipzig was really nice. There were lots of options to choose from and the... Read More>>

German Train Travel

We managed to sleep in until 8am today. We got up and found the breakfast location that was part of the hotel. It was off site. I am not enjoying the German breakfasts. Tim does though. I am not big fan of meat and cheese for breakfast. I am making do though; when in Rome. We did not know how to... Read More>>

The Burgs

Today we managed to get up early. After having our last breakfast at the Hotel Dolomit, we left for the train station. The information that Tracy provided was great. We got to the station and found our train. We didn’t have reservations, so we had to surrender our seats, but that was okay as... Read More>>

Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

Today we got up extra early and took the 7:53am train to Fussen. The train ride was very pleasant and the scenery was great. We got to Fussen and discovered that they are rebuilding the train station, so the toilets were not there. We decided to walk briefly around the town and found the Fussen... Read More>>

Best Laid Plans

Yesterday afternoon, after arriving in Munich at our hotel, we took the S2 up to Dachau and the local bus to the Concentration Camp Memorial. It was quite moving. We didn’t realize the size of the place. The weather was very nice and we walked quite a bit around the grounds and then through... Read More>>

Planes, trains and automobiles

Today is the day my husband and I leave for Germany. We need to drive to Chicago O’Hare and be there by 12:30 for our 15:35 flight on Air Berlin. The adventure begins. We chose to park in the Economy Lot at O’Hare. This was a little hard to find due to construction in the area. The bus... Read More>>

Travel to Cuba: Who? Why? How?

Everything you need to know about Americans’ new opportunities to travel to Cuba.  And if you don’t see it here – please ask in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond. As the United States reopens its embassy in Havana, here’s what you need to know about traveling to Cuba. Much has... Read More>>