See what interests you!

Are you interested in art and architecture? Family history? What about food and wine?  Do culture and history pique your curiosity? Group tours can be created around any theme and/or interest. What’s yours?

Whether you want a Family Heritage tour, a river cruise with friends, an African safari, a visit to our own National Parks, a cultural overview or in-depth study tour, Witte will research and work with you and our partners worldwide to achieve the perfect special interest tour for your group.

Family in Venice

Family Heritage Tours

Have you ever dreamed of taking your parents to see the country where their parents were born? Tracing your ancestry with your children and grandchildren—in the very places where it all started? An unforgettable family bonding experience.
Want to bond in other ways? Witte Tours also provides families with a variety of great experiences. Cruise the Caribbean, spend a week in a Swiss mountain village or see the best of the United States. We’ll design the perfect family tour.

Sitting on Cruise Ship deck


Cruise ships sail to every corner of the globe. The allure of a “floating hotel” continues to grow in popularity. Both ocean and river cruises allow you to unpack once while experiencing sight after sight in fascinating ports.
Charter an entire ship with our European River Cruise captains. Or, enjoy a terrific group rate on sailing itineraries from the ocean, river cruise or even small yachts in the Mediterranean or the Adriatic Sea.

African Safari

Theme-Based Travel

Art museum tours of Italy, African safaris, Machu Picchu, hiking and biking tours of the Netherlands—you name it, we’ve been there, done that. And we can’t wait to help you go too!
We develop and create high-quality itineraries that reflect your interests. Hand-crafted and custom-tailored, your itinerary is a perfect fit. Out-of-the-way destination or treasured must-see site, we have the experience and knowledge to make your travel dreams come true.

Ready to organize your own tour?  Request a proposal and tell us where you want to go!