Guest Post: Iceland First, Then Norway!

Iceland First, Then Norway!

Lynn and I enjoy traveling to new places like Switzerland, Greece and the like. Knowing this, Lynn’s good friend Jerilyn asked us: “Then why haven’t you visited Iceland?” (Jerilyn’s husband was born and raised in Iceland and she has adopted it as her second home.) “Give us 3 good reasons” was Lynn’s response, and here they are:

The first is the beautiful city of Reykjavik, which boasts of having both good shopping and places to enjoy coffee or other beverages of choice. Many simply fly over both the city and the country of Iceland, but those who choose to come and see are never disappointed.


The second is the unbelievable landscape, which seems to change depending on the direction you are looking.  Waterfalls in one direction and lagoons in another– it almost seems unreal and yet it’s there, right before your eyes.  So many beautiful places to be seen and appreciated!

Double waterfall Hjálparfoss
Hjálparfoss waterfalls
blue lagoon
The Blue Lagoon

And the third are the people. Every country has its native people and the people of the “ice and rock” country have varied livelihoods; from fishing to sewing, bus driving to providing the everyday services needed by all.  It is fun to sit and talk with them, or listen to qualified guides sharing the local history and folklore.

But then for us…it’s on to Norway.

Stoughton, Wisconsin, where we live, is home to the Norwegian Heritage Center, where the story of Norway is told in captivating ways. In addition to housing the area’s Norwegian heritage, our town also boasts of being home to our own Norwegian Dancers– high school students who have accepted, and then perfected, the art of the Norwegian dance. Colorful dress and athletic movements raises the question “Where does this comes from, and what is the history behind this beauty and grace?”

So we’ve asked our Norwegian friends, “Why visit Norway?”  Here is what they have to say:

“You just have to see the fiords!” Breathtaking beauty, awesome grandeur, unbelievable majesty. The deep cuts in the mountains leave everyone at a loss for words to sit in wonder of the creation that is ours to enjoy. Worth taking pictures? Take as many, or as few, as you like—many keep and store them forever in their mind and in their heart.

Søgne, Norway

Next, “don’t miss sampling the food and drink!”  The uniqueness of any culture comes alive in their food and drink.  Visiting the places that the locals go in order to socialize and relax gives a glimpse into who they are today, and the heritage they proudly carry.  The language is different but the welcome is sincere and heartwarming. Sit back and enjoy!

And finally, “make sure you see and appreciate the historical buildings unique to Norway.” Of particular interest are the churches, courthouses, homes and farms—they all tell a story of how things were at another point in time and how the foundations they set are still found in the country’s life today. Aided by knowledgeable guides, these buildings and places come alive literally “talk” to we who visit and choose to listen.

Borgund stave church in Norway
Stave Church

We are excited to see these places and experience them for ourselves, and we would be delighted to have you join us on our tour.

Rev. Jerry & Lynn Tews are passionate about traveling and experiencing other cultures. They have taken many groups on tour to Europe, but this will be their first time visiting Iceland and Norway! You can learn more about the itinerary or sign up for the tour here: Splendors of Norway with a Touch of Iceland!

Splendors of Norway with a Touch of Iceland
July 24 – August 3, 2016

From the geothermal springs in Iceland, to a cruise on the sparkling fjords, and a railway excursion in Norway, this tour is sure to pique your interest! The 11-day tour begins with two days in the Icelandic capital city of Reykjavik. Highlights include the Blue Lagoon geothermal springs, harbor views and an in-depth guided city tour. A short flight to Norway and we’re in the land of fjords, mountains and midnight sun. Stops in Norway include Oslo, Lillehammer, Sogndal, Troldhaugen, Bergen and more!

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