Dutch Landscapes

April 6 - 19, 2018
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Dutch Landscapes

Few countries exist where human activities have exerted a greater influence in the shaping of the land than the Netherlands.

This educational tour helps participants learn about the Netherlands’ richly varied and historically layered cultural landscapes. A wide range of topics are included, from the historical development of the City of Amsterdam, to the distinctive drained peat landscapes of the low western Netherlands, and to early and modern flood protection programs and structures.

Location and format

Our home base is a hotel near the old heart of the city of Amstelveen, today a suburb of Amsterdam. Because we will return to this hotel each day, everyone will get to know old Amstelveen well. This location also provides excellent public and private transportation links with Amsterdam and the rest of the country. For our daily excursions, we will use both public transportation (tram, metro, bus and train) and a mini-coach. Excursions will include some walking (up to several miles at a time), especially on those excursions using public transportation (see Randstad by Train and Amsterdam by Tram in itinerary).

Led by Henk Aay and Robert Hoeksema

Together, they have led Calvin student groups to the Netherlands for more than 20 years.

Bob is a civil engineer and Professor of Engineering at Calvin. He recently worked for one of the Dutch regional water management authorities. He also wrote Designed for Dry Feet: Flood Protection and Land Reclamation in the Netherlands (ASCE Press, 2006).

Henk is Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies, Emeritus at Calvin. Since retiring from Calvin in 2012, he was appointed Senior Research Fellow at the Van Raalte Institute at Hope College, where he focusses on Dutch American history and culture. He grew up in the Netherlands, is fluent in Dutch and has spent a number of semesters on research and teaching leaves in the country. He is currently working on an Atlas of Dutch American History and Culture.

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