Europe continues to be the most popular destination for our performance tours. Appreciative audiences, fabulous acoustics and “following the footsteps” of great composers attract people the first time and keep bringing them back. From Estonia to Spain, rich and diverse musical experiences can be found in every country! Here is a sampling of what to expect:


Italy-VeniceMass at the historic basilicas of St. Peter’s and St. Mark’s, peaceful Tuscan spa towns perfect for bands and orchestra concerts, the Renaissance surroundings of Florence – Italy is always one of our top destinations for performance groups, from the awe of the great venues to packed concerts for local audiences in small towns.


France-Notre-DameAs one of our most beloved destinations, France has an almost endless selection of magnificent performance venues. Paris is a highlight of nearly every tour to France and performing in Notre-Dame Cathedral or the church of La Madeleine is a thrill of a lifetime. Groups who explore France beyond Paris discover the warmth of the audiences in Normandy, the Loire, and the many other beautiful regions.

United Kingdom

England-Salisbury-CathedralNothing compares to the acoustics of the medieval cathedrals across England, Scotland and Wales; choirs especially love touring the United Kingdom, and England is an excellent choice for groups of all ages. From midday concerts in the great Cathedrals, to joint concerts with a Welsh Male Voice Choir, few areas of Europe offer such rich and varied performing opportunities.


Ireland-Kylemore-AbbeyHave you yet seen the Cliffs of Moher, the Rock of Cashel, or the Ring of Kerry? Ireland is one of our most adored places for performance tours for its glorious venues and renowned hospitality, spread across historic ruins, rolling hills, Dublin, Cork, Limerick and much more.

Austria and Germany

Austria-Schonbrunn-PalaceWith great composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Wagner, performance tours to Germany and/or Austria are full of music history. Imagine performing in Salzburg, Vienna, or Leipzig as your ensemble spends time in one of our most loved musical destinations. These countries have enchanting storybook towns, attractive landscapes and you’ll be sure to enjoy the schnitzel, spätzle, strudel and other culinary delights!

Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland)

Czech-Republic-Cesky-KrumlovOften overlooked as a touring destination, Central Europe is one of the most picturesque places a group can tour and the cultural heritage found in this country is captivating. Perform in Prague, the alluring capital of the Czech Republic; captivate audiences in Budapest; walk among the beautiful Castle ruins in Slovakia; or meander through the breathtaking Old City Center of Kraków, Poland. No matter how long the stay, a tour to the heart of Europe will leave any musician inspired.


Spain-Barcelona-La-Sagrada-FamiliaImagine performing in beautiful Madrid, with its fabulous baroque architecture or taking in La Sagrada Família after a concert in Barcelona. Spain is a treasured choice for concert and dance performance tours. Traveling between venues in Segovia, Granada or Seville, the allure of Medieval Spanish architecture, its fabulous cuisine, and rich history make Spain a destination to be desired.

The Netherlands

Netherlands-AmsterdamWith over 35 years of very personal contacts, Witte Performance Tours can offer truly unique opportunities to meet Dutch musicians and local audiences. Take part in the rich artistic heritage the Netherlands has to offer as your chamber orchestra, choir or band showcases their talent around one of our favorite countries. While in the Netherlands, be sure to cruise the canals of Amsterdam, shop the markets of Leiden, and look upon the beautiful windmills in Kinderdijk.

Estonia and the Baltic Countries

Estonia-TallinnFamous for its choral history, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are popular destination for choir tours. With strong choral music traditions, get ready to be enchanted by this European hidden treasure. Walk down cobblestone streets on your way to perform in Tallinn, visit the quaint coastal towns along the Baltic Sea, and fill the excellent performance spaces of Tartu. The Baltics offer a rich choral past that will inspire singers, dancers, and musicians as they partake in opportunities to give joint concerts and attend workshops with composers or conductors from these proud countries.


Scandinavia-HelsinkiFinland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark offer inspiring performance venues…imagine the music bouncing off the walls at the Church in the Rock in Helsinki, exploring the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, or Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. Wherever in Scandinavia you go, the appeal, nature, and culture will surprise and excite your group.


But equally rewarding and exciting tours elsewhere in the world may more perfectly fit your group. We have extensive experience touring increasingly popular countries such as:

Costa Rica

Costa-RicaEnjoy the relaxed culture and biodiversity of Costa Rica; visit volcanoes, waterfalls, national parks and villages by hikes and zip-lines, wildlife centers and hanging bridges. Metropolitan San José, adventurous Arenal, natural Tortuguero – this gem of a country offers a multitude of performance options. Costa Rica’s charisma and hospitality make this a fun, new performance destination for your group.


Guatemala-AntiguaSpread the joy of music as you tour Guatemala. In between performances, Guatemala offers a range of sightseeing to enjoy. Stay in Guatemala City for a unique mix of modern and colonial architecture, explore history in the Mayan city of Tikal or spend an afternoon hiking in the jungle. Whether you’re admiring the Baroque architecture of La Merced Church and Convent in Antigua or shopping in the Chichicastenango artisan market, you’ll experience the friendly culture of this Central American country.


Argentina-CordobaYou might think you’ve landed in Europe when you first set out in Buenos Aires, the most cosmopolitan of South American capital cities. Argentina is a wonderful destination for both music and dance performance tours. Tango in Buenos Aires, cross the pampas to see the famed colonial architecture in Córdoba, and maybe even continue on to the base of the Andes to feast in Mendoza, the heart of Argentina’s wine region.


Brazil-RioSamba, carnival, futebol…known for its flamboyant dances, festivals and athletics, Brazil is a natural fit for performance tours. Be a part of Brazil’s rich musical history through your performances, look up at Christ the Redeemer, swim the beaches of Rio, canoe along the waters of the Amazon, feel the mist arising from the power of Iguaçu Falls. As the world turns its focus to Brazil, this is one place you won’t want to miss.

South Africa

South-Africa-Blyde-River-CanyonA morning game drive at Kruger National Park following an evening concert in Johannesburg. South Africa is exciting, colorful, friendly, modern, wild and alive. You will return home changed by the experience of singing together with schoolchildren in Soweto, standing in Mandela’s jail cell on Robben Island, witnessing the colors, sounds and culture of South Africa.


ChinaDepart on a grand adventure as you take your musicians to China. A place where modernity meets history, this exquisite country has ornate performing venues and a surplus of sightseeing. Hold concerts in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an or Hangzhou; walk through Tiananmen Square and along the Great Wall, try to count the Terracotta Warriors, stroll down the Silk Road, all the while enjoying the rich cuisine and culture of China.

America’s Music Cities!

New York City SkylineBroadway, Ford’s Theatre, the Country Music Hall of Fame… Wherever you go, America’s music culture is sure to inspire your group. Venues like St. Paul’s Chapel in NYC or one of the Washington DC memorials hold the backdrop to meaningful performances as you get out and see what the United States has to offer.


Thinking about Peru, Mexico, Australia, or somewhere else we haven’t mentioned? We can do that too! Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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