Witte’s European River Cruises are different from the competition’s.  In limited offerings, we contract with a Captain overseas to fill an entire ship with people like you.  Our ships hold only about 100 passengers but are wonderfully appointed and known for their friendly crew and wonderful food!  And what you gain in experience is also what you save on pricing, without the over-the-top appointments and overhead of the big river cruise companies.

Netherlands Waterway Cruise

Come and discover for yourself the cosmopolitan big cities and the storybook towns and villages that dot the picture-postcard landscape of the Netherlands. Experience the colorful traditions and meet the friendly, ambitious people—Sample cheese, poffertjes, and croquettes; and shop for exquisite porcelain, wooden shoes and flower bulbs.

Our one-of-a-kind itinerary is designed to showcase parts of the Netherlands not open to larger ships.  And our Dutch heritage brings you into the homes and workplaces of Dutch folks who are pleased to host!

Ideal for first-time travelers and those back for more, this Netherlands Waterway Cruise is a unique opportunity to really see and experience all that Holland has to offer!

Rhine & Moselle Cruise

Famous for its wonderful scenery, the Rhine River is banked by vineyards, charming villages, crumbling castles, majestic cities, and stunning rock formations. And every stretch of this waterway is steeped in a rich blend of history and legend. Our cruise will be highlighted by visits to several Rhine ports; and we’ll also turn into the Moselle River, which is characterized by its deep curves and its beautiful setting between the Eifel and Hunsruck Mountains.

Other Destinations

Witte also books groups onto all of the leading cruise lines of the world. Whether your group is large or small, we will contract with the cruise ship, arrange all of your travel details, supplement the cruise with additional excursions or stays, provide marketing materials, full accounting services and more, all with the highest levels of attention and service. Alaska, Panama Canal, Caribbean, European Rivers, Mediterranean…

what our clients say

Netherlands Waterway Cruise – 2017

Everything was well planned out, convenient and so much fun. Sightseeing activities were everything I could have wished for: beautiful countrysides, quaint towns and interesting demonstrations. Absolutely worth every penny paid. Thank you for such a wonderful trip.  I will definitely travel with Witte Travel again!

- Judi C.

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