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Netherlands Waterway Cruise FAQ

Every spring Witte Travel & Tours offers a chance to explore the Netherlands in its blooming splendor. This week of tulips, windmills, canals and great friends creates an unforgettable experience. Are you thinking about joining the tour or have you already registered? Do you have questions about the cruise? Below is a list of our most popular pre-trip questions.


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There is not a beauty salon on the cruise ship.


All cabin types have private facilities, a safe, flat-screen TV and individually controlled air-conditioning. The doors are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or walker.

  • Main Deck – The Main Deck cabins are very comfortable. They have two twin beds, a closet, and a window that looks out on the deck.
  • Promenade Deck – These cabins are slightly larger than the Main Deck cabins. They also have two twin beds, a tall closet and a full window overlooking the water.
  • Single Cabins – The single cabins accommodate one person nicely. Each has a twin bed, closet and window.


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The Netherlands Waterway Cruise is an informal cruise. Casual attire and jeans are appropriate most days. There is a joke that the Captain’s Dinner requires only a clean shirt. However, for the Captain’s Dinner many people prefer to wear something a little dressier. Nothing more formal than church attire is needed.


Both the voltage and plug shape are different in Europe. To use US electrical devices on the cruise an adaptor and/or converter is needed.

  • Adapter – An adapter changes the shape of a power cord’s plug. In the United States, plug sprockets are two vertical parallel lines. In Europe, plug sprockets are round. They are not interchangeable.Use an adapter if your device is capable of converting 220 volts to 110. Many new phones and cameras have built-in converters. Please check your device before you leave to see if you will need a converter.
  • Converter – A converter changes the strength of the electrical current. Any electrical devices that cannot operate on both 220v and 110v will need a converter. This will prevent your electrical device from burning and/or blowing a fuse onboard the ship.
  • Plugs – Plugs are often recessed in Europe. You may need to use both a converter and adapter to reach the plug.


The cabins on the ship do not have hairdryers.


The ship offers secure Wi-Fi Internet. Each passenger is eligible for 250 MB of data every five days. The concierge will issue you an individual password that is valid for five days. Each time you log-in, you will see how much data you have left. After five days you are able to get an additional 250 MB of data.

PLEASE NOTE: As the ship is moving, there will be times you are in a dead zone and the Internet will be inaccessible. Also, if you share your password with someone and that person logs-in via another device while you are using the Internet, you will be booted from your log-in session. It is best for everyone to have his or her own password.


The size of your suitcase is dictated by the airlines and bus. This is not something Witte Travel & Tours decides; we simply pass on these guidelines. We request that you limit yourself to one checked suitcase with a maximum size of 62 linear inches (height plus width plus depth) and weighing no more than 50 pounds. Most of the large suitcases on the market today are 62 linear inches or smaller.

Each passenger may also have one carry-on with a maximum size of 45 linear inches (height plus width plus depth) and weighing no more than 15 pounds.


In general, Europeans walk a lot. During the Netherlands Waterway Cruise, city tours will be on foot. This is the same for optional excursions and extension; a bus will take the group between cities, but the sightseeing will be on foot. The walking is at a leisurely pace.

The Netherlands has beautiful cobblestone streets and sidewalks. While this adds to its charm, it can make an uneven walking surface and is sometime difficult to traverse with a wheelchair or walker.

If you get to the Netherlands and find the walking too strenuous, wheelchairs are available.


May be used throughout the airport and checked at the gate before departure. Please see section on “Walking” for information on using a walker in the Netherlands.


The ship provides basic linens, towels and hand towels. If you need a washcloth, you will have to bring your own (one or two are recommended).


Thank You Dank u wel   dahnk-ew-vehl
Good Morning Goedemorgen   khoo-duh-mawr-ghuh
Good Evening Goedenacht   khoo-duh-nahkht
Good Bye Tot ziens   toht zeens
Bon Appetite Eet Smakelijk!   et smock-eh-leck
Where is the bathroom? Waar is het toilet?   vaar is het tvaa-let
Do you speak English? Spreekt u Engels?   spraykt uw eng-erls


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