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Spiritual Journeys

For more than three decades, Witte has operated tours for pastors and their congregations, religious organizations, scholars, historians, and family groups who desire to add a spiritual dimension to their travels. Each tour is a made-to-order combination of religious activities, popular attractions, hidden treasures, and free time. Whether it’s a pilgrimage to a holy site, an in-depth study tour, or an adventure amid the beauty, history, and culture of a region or country, it’s a blessing on every level.

Travelers are refreshed in mind, body, and spirit; ready to share how the tour deepened their faith and enriched their lives. Cohesion often builds as the group enjoys a special fellowship and as they experience their faith in the context of its heritage.

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what our clients say

Paul’s Missionary Journeys in Greece – 2012

Paul’s missionary Journey to Greece is a premier kind of Christian bible study tour led by a knowledgeable Pauline scholar, Dr. Jeff Weima, who interprets Paul and his ministry with effective materials. We enjoyed the rich, daily diversity of geography, history, culture and scripture of beautiful Greece and its Isles.

- Jerry and Barb Kramer, Hilton Head, SC

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