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The Passion Play | Oberammergau, 2020

Experience the Most Famous Presentation of Christ’s Passion in the World

From May to October 2020, thousands of people from all walks of life will visit the Bavarian village of Oberammergau, located in the beautiful Alpine region of southern Germany, to witness a remarkable tradition that has been repeated every decade for centuries: the Oberammergau Passion Play. Attendance at the world-famous play is a powerful and inspiring experience. Featuring an amateur cast of 2,000 local actors, singers, and orchestra members, this visually stunning performance begins with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and ends with His resurrection and ascension.



Witte has been arranging tours centered around the Oberammergau Passion Play since 1980. We’ve purchased hundreds of tickets to the 2020 Passion Play, and tours featuring this world-renowned theatrical production are now in the works. Don’t miss this spectacular once-per-decade event!

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Host a Group Tour: Founded in 1975, Witte designs and operates customized, full-service tours for groups. Whether you’d like to include the 2020 Passion Play with a tour of the Rhine River Valley, the cities and towns associated with Martin Luther, or the Italian Lake District—we’ll create the perfect tour to suit your group’s unique goals, interests and budget. Want to learn more? Check the box below, and we’ll send you tour-planning information and sample itineraries for inspiration.

All images and video courtesy of: © Passion Play Oberammergau 2020

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