Europe: 50 Countries to Choose From

Europe continues to be a favorite vacation destination, 50% of the world’s travelers¬†still choose Europe. Year after year we send hundreds of travelers to the second smallest continent. In some ways, Europe is familiar to us, we’ve studied its history, many of us have family ties there or we have a cultural attraction of one kind or another: art, wine, royalty. Europe is an easy place to visit for Americans.¬† This is because English is widely spoken and getting around is simple and cost-effective. Europe’s compact geography and open borders mean you can see several cultures in a short timeframe.

Most Visited Countries in Europe


France is still the top-visited country in the world! With Disneyland Paris being the most visited tourist spot in all of Europe.
Most of our clients, however, skip this attraction, focusing more on the art, food, and culture of this country. The French Art de Vivre or art of living is a beautifully relaxing way to sit back, relax and enjoy your time here.


Located in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain blends culture and art into a lifestyle.  Between the architecture, art, music, flamenco, bullfighting, and food, vacationing in Spain is Mediterranean Europe in it’s finest.


Be prepared for the past to meet the present.  Italy is known for its cuisine, art, people, and history dating to antiquity. There are about 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and each region has highlights for you to discover.

United Kingdom

England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom.  Each with their own traditions, dialects, and cuisine no matter where you vacation or tour in the United Kingdom you are sure to find bustling cities, charming villages and that blunt English charm.


Known for Beer, Oktoberfest, sausage, lederhosen, Martain Luther,  and World War II history, Germany is a modern country with a long history.  Each region offers its own landscape, culture, and flair for you to explore. 

the Netherlands

The Netherlands may not make the list of the top 5 visited countries in Europe, it is popular among our clients. Witte offers an annual Netherlands Waterway Cruise and designs custom heritage tours for our clients. Not only that, but Witte’s European office is in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is one of the must-see great capitals in Europe. 

Croatia: Hot New Destination

The Austro-Hungarian elite, during the Hapsburg rule, used to vacation in Croatia, so why shouldn’t you?

Nestled on the road between Italy and Greece, Croatia’s heritage dates to antiquity.  Throughout the country see beautiful Romanesque cities, stunning cathedrals, and mile upon mile of coastline. Not to mention, this country is the birthplace of Marco Polo, Nicola Tesla, and the Dalmatian dog breed.

Croatian cuisine is characterized by its fresh simplicity. Croatia offers food with a unique blend of Italian influences mixed with traditional stews and meat dishes from Eastern Europe.  The most popular for our clients to see to see Croatia is on a cruise.

For more facts about Croatia, visit our blog. What are you waiting for? Croatia’s sparkling waters, rugged coastlines, and abundance of natural beauty are waiting to be explored

Travel Like a Local

  • Bike lanes are for bikes.  Pedestrians should stay on the sidewalks.
  • When visiting an open-air market, keep your hands off the produce. Watch as the seller will choose fruits and vegetables based on when you plan to eat the produce.
  • Ask for porridge in the United Kingdom, don’t ask for oatmeal. Italians don’t drink cappuccino after mid-morning.
  • In France, make sure to say “Bonjour” when entering an establishment, (store, restaurant, hotel) and then “Au Revoir” when leaving, even if you are only there to browse.
  • Don’t jaywalk in Germany. They don’t like it and you may be fined.