Tour Dates:

Sep 14, 2020 - Sep 25, 2020

Starting from:


per person from Detroit, based on double occupancy

Tour Pace:


Experience the beautiful coast of Croatia, one of Europe’s
most coveted Mediterranean vacation spots.

Once colonized by ancient Greece, once part of the Roman Empire, and once a Hapsburg dynasty resort destination, Croatia has a long and lively history. Throughout this tour you’ll see ancient buildings, beautiful Romanesque cities, stunning cathedrals, and shimmering seaside landscapes.

On your way south to Dubrovnik, your days will be split between navigating the Adriatic Sea and exploring the small, historic port towns. Along the route, indulge in Dalmatian delicacies characterized by their fresh simplicity. Compare the rugged landscapes of the Dalmatian Coast, the breathtaking national parks, wetland deltas and an ancient olive grove.