Schonnbrunn Palace and Melk Abbey

On my last full day in Europe, I decided to visit Schonnbrunn Palace and then venture to Melk Abbey. Now why visit Melk Abbey when I could have spent another full day in Vienna? It’s simple…in the work I have done at Witte, I have seen the images of Melk Abbey quite often and always wanted to see it in person. Knowing I was a few train rides away, I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit this gem.

Schonnbrunn Palace
Schonnbrunn Palace

I again used public transportation to get around, from my hotel to Schonbrunn, from Schonbrunn to Melk, and from Melk back to my hotel. Along the way I logged a lot of miles walking, but it was so worth it.

Melk Abbey - Inner Courtyard
Melk Abbey – Inner Courtyard

Schonbrunn Palace is truly grand and I enjoyed my exterior and interior visit; however, the true “sleeper hit” for my time in Austria was yet to come…Melk Abbey. Once I left the train station, I walked to the city center and then walked up to the Abbey. In the winter you must pay for a guided tour and they only one tour on Saturdays. In hindsight I am so glad this was a requirement. While the Abbey is awe-inspiring, having the guides really made the history come to life. The cost was so worth the one hour tour. Once I left, I thought it might be fun to check out the shops in the city center. Unfortunately my tour ended at 3 pm and the shops had closed for the day. If I am ever in Vienna again, I will be making a side trip to Melk to visit the city center and the abbey.

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