3 Reasons to Visit China in 2014

A web search for reasons to visit China brings up a variety of responses, with the food and culture on almost any list.  While I don’t doubt the food is excellent and the culture enticing, those two responses can be said about most foreign destinations.

Great Wall of China
By Ofol [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Travelers to China are ready for adventure, new experiences and stories to send home.  Often travelers to China have traveled before and seek a place more unfamiliar than Europe. If you ask me, my three reasons to visit China this year are:
1. Adventure – Adventure seekers to China have a wide definition of this word. Think of adventure travel in this case as anything exciting and thrilling.  This may mean hiking to Tibet or biking along the Great Wall but many find excitement in less obvious ways.  For a lot of people, adventure is found new cuisine, alternate forms of transportation such as rickshaws, trying to haggle in a foreign language, making their way back to the hotel after not being able to read the map, exploring local towns, going “unplugged” for the duration of the trip, or in making a new friend. Whatever your definition of adventure is, China has activities that will exceed your expectations.
Food of China
By Jakub Hałun (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
2. New Experiences – There is a quote from Mary Anne Radmacher that says “I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” What an eloquent statement. Travelers looking for new places, venues, journeys are are looking to expand on what they know.  For those of us considered western, the language, culture, religion and food of China is often novel.  Exposure to unfamiliar situations creates life long memories.
3. Price – Right now it is cheaper to offer a comparable tour to China than it is to Italy.  Deals are out there to be found.  Witte and other tour agencies are offering China packages that have full itineraries, good hotels and include airfare, all for low prices.  This is an excellent way to see many of the sights of this big country.
Simply google tours to China or view our China Tour Brochure to start dreaming about your upcoming trip to China.  And if I may- my favorite thing about our China tour are the dates.  The outstanding itinerary, first class hotels, almost half your meals- don’t top the fact that this tour ends on the 22nd of November.  Just in time for a short work week! With Thanksgiving the week the tour returns there is plenty of time to rest and recover from your time overseas.


by Whitney Korstange | Group Tour Specialist